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Important Madrasah Opening Announcements for 2018

posted Jan 9, 2018, 6:18 PM by Ayesha Emak   [ updated Jan 11, 2018, 6:30 PM by dhakim emak ]

Dear Parents,

Assalamualaikum wr. wb

(It is important for you to read through the entire announcement).

We will send an SMS by Friday 12th Jan to all parents of all students in our enrolment.

If you do not receive the SMS,  please check if you have changed your handphone number.

Otherwise report on Saturday through the online form (No SMS Received Reporting). Please DO NOT report earlier than Saturday.

We will also send an email to your contact email address by Friday 12th Jan - if you do not receive the email , please update your email address through the online form on Saturday at:

1. Madrasah starts this weekend.

Saturday Classes start on 13th Jan.

Sunday classes on 14th Jan.

All students except (13A and 13B) students are to report to the 2nd Floor, Assembly Area. Please see the table below and report accordingly to the designated place.

Where to Report on the First Day


Time to Report

Where to report

2C3, 3C3, 4C3, 14A

Saturday 8.35am

2nd Floor, Assembly Area


Saturday 11.50am

2nd Floor, Assembly Area


Saturday 3.05pm

2nd Floor, Assembly Area

9A3,10A3.11A3,12A3 (Girls)

Sunday 8.50am

2nd Floor, Assembly Area

9B4, 10B4,11B4,12B4 (Boys)

Sunday 11.50am

2nd Floor, Assembly Area

13A (Girls)

Saturday 4.50pm

2nd Floor, Classroom 2-1

13B (Boys)

Sunday 2.50pm

3rd Floor, Classroom 3-1

If you do not know your child’s class information, click  here.

Last year's Tweens and Teens Quran Recitation students, please take Note: There will be no Qur’an Recitation (QR) classes till 10th Feb,  so students please report by 11.50am for Session 1 and 3.05pm for Session 2.

2.  Book and Uniform Sales

If you have not bought the books, kindly make payment for the books and please buy the books on 13th Jan. Those who have paid and submitted the Book Reservation form will receive in the classes.

Date:  Sat,  13th Jan

Time : 2.00pm to 4.15pm

Venue: Please make payment at Reception or 2nd floor and collect from Rm 2-1.

Please do not write the child's name on the books yet. Please bring the books to class next week to check with teachers if the books are the correct ones and to ensure that all the books are there.


3. Remarks on Uniform

If your child has outgrown his/her uniform, please get a new set.

Please buy the pants sold at the madrasah. We have come across some students wearing jeans or tights.  Please note that this is not allowed.

Boys are required to wear white songkoks, not coloured ones. Kids and Tweens Girls are required to wear black scarves.

If your child is coming for the first time and has not bought the uniform, ONLY for this week,  please get the child dressed in Islamic Dress with long sleeves and pants with headscarf or songkok. Please buy the uniform this week and from next week get the child to wear the uniform.

4. Qur’an Recitation (QR) class

For Tweens & Teens (who are reciting Qur’an) and those who were students of QR program held last year, class begins on 10th & 11th Feb respectively.

Please register online at the following page by 20th Jan  if you want your child to  attend Qur’an Recitation (QR) classes:

Kindly note there is an extra fee of $5 per month for Qur’an Recitation class.

Notes for Last year's Quran Recitation students

4.1  Students who attended the QR program last year must also re-register for this year’s Qur’an Recitation classes.

4.2 There will be no Qur’an Recitation (QR) classes till 10th Feb,  so students please report at 11.50am for Session 1 and 3.05pm for Session 2.

5. Academic Calendar & Welcome Letter will be given to your child on the first day of Madrasah. Please ensure you get this copy.

6. Leave Application if your child is not coming to Madrasah

Parents are reminded to apply for leave using online leave application form. Please note that if your child is absent  3 times consecutively without Leave Application  (AWL) , the Madrasah reserves the right to terminate the student.

(Please see our Withdrawal and Termination Policy.)

Please apply for leave at:

Please do not drop off your children earlier than 10 minutes and leave them unattended. If you arrive earlier than 10 minutes before class, please take care of your children until class begins.

7. Contact us before Saturday

If you have any queries, please contact us before Saturday 13th Jan. This is because we will be very busy during the weekend as this will be the first week of Madrasah and thus may not be able to respond as quickly over the weekend.

8. All announcements will be on website - only urgent announcements will be made by SMS

Since 2013, we have been making most of the announcements on the website, accompanied by email reminders to check the announcements once they are made.

We will only send SMS for urgent announcements. You will receive fewer SMS this year. Please also keep your email addresses updated with us here.

9. Tips for locating EMAK parents’ website

At times, if you are outside and do not have the link to the ‘emak parents’ website, please type “emak parents” in google, yahoo or Bing and the first link will lead you to this website.

Thank You.