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Important Madrasah 2014 Opening announcements, Book and Uniform Sales

posted Jan 8, 2014, 4:49 PM by dhakim emak   [ updated Jan 9, 2014, 6:28 PM ]
Dear Parents: Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

We will send an SMS on Friday 10th Jan to all parents of all students in our enrolment.

If you did not receive the sms by midnight of 10th Jan  - please check if you have changed your handphone number.

Otherwise report on Saturday through online form (No SMS Received Reporting). Please do not report earlier than that.

We will also send an email on 9th Jan - if you did not receive the email by midnight of 9th Jan, please report through
(No email received Reporting) online form on Saturday.

1. Madrasah starts this week! Saturday Classes start on 11th Jan and Sunday classes on 12th Jan

Session 1 & Session 2 students are required to report at the Assembly area on 2nd Floor - Assembly area (next to the Ladies’ Musollah)
10 mins before class
starts for Assembly and announcements. Class teachers will bring the students to their respective classrooms.

Note: There will be no IQRA classes till 8th Feb so students please report by 12.50pm for Session 1 and 3.50pm for Session 2.

Where to find your child’s class information? If you do not know click here. 

2.  Book Sale

There will be Text Book Sale on:

Date / Time / Venue: Sat 11th Jan - 1.30pm to 5pm (Level 4, Classroom 2)

Please buy the books this week because the students will need to use the books from 18th/19th Jan.

If you miss this book sale, you may not be able to get the books for your children on time for their lessons. 

So, please take the opportunity to buy at the book sale in  the mosque.                                    

3. Uniform Sales

If your child has outgrown the uniform, please get a new set.

Those students who are still wearing the old AlKhair (Purplish Grey) uniform please buy the new Blue uniforms by end of January.

Please buy the pants as a set. We have across some students wearing Jeans or Tights.  Please note that this is not allowed.

Boys are required to wear white songkok. Not coloured ones. Girls are required to wear black scarves too.

Please also see our new uniform policy described in the First Day Letter (which will be issued on 11th January.)

There will be
Sale of uniform on:

Date: Sat 11th Jan

Time: 3 pm  to 4.30 pm.                   

Venue : Ground Floor Multi-Purpose Hall

Please check the uniform size, pay for uniforms and books on first floor and then collect the uniforms and books.


4. Qur’an Recitation class for Tweens (who are reciting Qur’an) and

TW3 and TW4 who were students of IQRA program held last year, begins on 8th Feb 2014.


We are pleased to inform you that aLIVE Quranic Literacy (aQL) has been incorporated into the 3-hr aLIVE lessons for

Kids aLIVE students and Tweens 1 and 2 this year.

As such there will be NO Kids aLIVE 4 ,TW1,TW2 enrolment for IQRA classes.

The supplementary class will now be called Qur’an Recitation (QR) class, which is only open to those who have started reciting Qur’an.


Please register online at the following page by 1 Feb 2014 if you want your child to  attend Qur’an Recitation classes:



Kindly note there is an extra fee of $5 per month for Qur’an Recitation class.

Students who attended the IQRA program last year must also re-register for this year’s Qur’an Recitation classes.

5. Academic Calendar & Welcome Letter will be given to your child on the first day of Madrasah. Please ensure you get this copy.

6. All announcements will be on website- only urgent announcements will be made by SMS

Since 2013, we have been making most of the announcements on the website, with email reminders to check announcement once it is made.

We will only send SMS for urgent announcements. You will receive fewer SMS this year. Please also keep your email addresses updated with us.

If you or your children are regular users on twitter, you could follow @emakpar. You will be alerted with a feed, whenever we make an announcement on this website.

7. Tips for locating ‘emak parents’ website


At times, if you are outside and do not have the link to the ‘emak parents’ website, please type ‘emakparents’ in google,yahoo or Bing and the first link will lead you to this website.

Thank You

AlKhair Madrasah Management Committee