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Important Opening Announcements - Madrasah Opens 1st-2nd August, Continuation Forms

posted Jul 29, 2015, 6:35 PM by dhakim emak   [ updated Jul 29, 2015, 7:10 PM ]

Dear Parents

Assalamu Alaikum Wr Wbr

1. Madrasah Starts 1st/2nd August

All classes including Qu’ran Recitation session will start at the usual timings from this week.

As usual, on the first opening day after Eid, students are encouraged to wear the Eid clothes, boys with songkok (head gear) and girls are to wear their tudung or scarfs. Students can also bring Eid cookies and finger food to share with the classmates and teachers.

Please ensure that attire is in line with Islamic Principles.

2.  Important! Last Day for continuation form Submission and January fees is 22nd/23rd August

Continuation forms will be issued to your children on 1st/ 2nd August. You can submit the  continuation forms for the next 3 weeks (except National day Holiday) at EMAK Counter.

We have also noticed that every year a good number of parents misplace their forms and ask for another copy. If you are one of those parents who misplace the forms, then you may want us to keep the form for you at EMAK office and collect it and pay when you are ready.

Please fill up the online form below so that we will keep it for you instead of giving it to your child.

(If you have already filled up this form earlier in July pls do not fill up again)

Please submit continuation forms and January fees ONLY to the EMAK counter.

Please do NOT submit to teacher, other committee members or Masjid Counter.

3. We will also collect fees for August this week.

4. We wish to thank all parents who:

      a. have donated for Porridge Distributions.

      b. contributed Dates and other forms of assistance for Ramadan activities.  

Thank You

FAQ on Continuation Forms

1) Whom do I submit the continuation form?

You must submit only at the EMAK Counter together with January fees for next year. If you submit to anywhere on anyone else and we do not receive the continuation form, it will not be considered as having submitted.

2) What is the confirmation that I have submitted continuation form?

If you have submitted the confirmation form, you will get the Receipt for January Fees. This is the confirmation that you have submitted the continuation form. The the name of the issuer on the receipt  must be someone from EMAK fees counter.

3) Can EMAK fees counter refuse to accept the continuation form?

Yes, we will not accept the continuation form if :

  1. January Fees is not attached

  2. Fees till June for the current year has not been Paid

4) Do I have to submit continuation form if I am under Financial Assistance?

Yes, you still have to.

5) Do I have to submit continuation form if my child is not continuing next year?

Yes, that way we will consider your child as discontinued and if your child re-applies in the future, your child can still join under Phase 3C.

If you don’t submit, it will be considered it as Termination automatically and your child will not be allowed to join EMAK again.