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Madrasah opens 8th/9th, Tabung Rahma Cash, Shoe Racks, July Fees

posted Jul 6, 2017, 7:06 PM by dhakim emak   [ updated Jul 6, 2017, 7:10 PM ]

Dear Parents

Assalamu Alaikum Wr Wbr.

1. Madrasah Resumes on 8th/9th July

All classes including Qu’ran Recitation sessions will resume at the usual timings from this week.

As usual, on the first opening day after Eid, students are encouraged to wear the Eid clothes, boys with songkok (head gear) and girls are to wear their tudung or scarfs. Students can also bring Eid cookies and finger food to share with their classmates and teachers.

Please ensure that your child’s attire is in line with Islamic Principles.

2. ‘Tabung Rahmah’ Project - Instructions for submission of Cash

For those students who have the Tabung, Parents please follow the following instructions:

(1). Please take out the cash from the Tabung (Coin Box). You can keep the Coin box.

(2). Count the cash and change the cash for bigger denominations (coins to notes) so that it will be faster when you submit at the counter.

(3). We have arranged for a special collection counter to be opened  on the following day and time for submission of the Tabung cash.

When to submit?

Date : 22nd and 29th July (both Saturdays)

Time: 11am to 4pm

Where to submit?

Submission Counter : Special counter at  1st floor Reception.

(4) Get receipt for amount submitted from counter.

3. July Fees Collection

Insha Allah, kindly pay your fees for July if you had not done so.

4. Students and Parents to place footwear on Shoe Racks

Alhamdulillah! Our Masjid has purchased new shoe racks which should have ample space for footwear

of students and parents. Please ensure that your children leave their footwear on the shoe racks before

going to class. Please do not leave your footwear on the footsteps, ramps or staircases.

This is dangerous as people may trip over them causing accidents to happen.

Thank You

Shoe Racks.jpeg