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Continuation forms Submission

posted Jul 29, 2016, 2:21 AM by dhakim emak   [ updated Jul 29, 2016, 6:35 AM ]

Dear Parents

Assalamu Alaikum Wr Wbr.

The Continuation forms for 2017 is ready and we will be giving out these forms to the students from 30th July.

Please note that continuation forms with Jan fees  must be submitted by 21st August 2016 in order for your child to be able to continue in 2017.

Continuation forms must  ONLY be submitted to EMAK Fees Counter on the 4th Floor. The EMAK Office will be opened for extended hours on Saturday and also on Sunday for Parents to submit the continuation forms. Please see the extended timing below and the days we are open for extended hours.

Saturday 6,13 & 20 August

12 noon to 2pm and 3pm to 5pm

(There will be short break for Zuhur & Asar prayers)

Sunday 7,14, & 21 August

11am to 1pm

Parents are reminded NOT to  submit to Teachers or the Masjid Counter.on the 1st floor/.

Please also see the FAQ  on continuation forms on the side.

Thank You

FAQ on Continuation Forms

1) Whom do I submit the continuation form?

You must submit only at the EMAK Fees Counter (4th Floor)  together with January fees for next year. If you submit to anywhere on anyone else and we do not receive the continuation form, it will not be considered as having submitted.

2) What is the confirmation that I have submitted continuation form?

If you have submitted the confirmation form, you will get the Receipt for January Fees. This is the confirmation that you have submitted the continuation form. The name of the issuer on the receipt  must be someone from EMAK fees counter.

3) Can EMAK fees counter refuse to accept the continuation form?

Yes, we will not accept the continuation form if :

  1. January Fees is not attached

  2. Fees till June for the current year has not been Paid

4) Do I have to submit continuation form if I am under Financial Assistance?

Yes, you still have to.

5) Do I have to submit continuation form if my child is not continuing next year?

Yes, that way we will consider your child as discontinued and if your child re-applies in the future, your child can still join under Phase 3C.

If you don’t submit, it will be considered it as Termination automatically and your child will not be allowed to join EMAK again.