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E-Learning for classes 8A2,8B2,8C2,10A3,10B4, Vesak Day Holiday -Sat Only

posted May 18, 2012, 7:05 PM by dhakim emak

E-Learning for classes 8A2,8B2,8C2,10A3,10B4, Vesak Day Holiday -Sat Only

Dear Parents
Assalamu Alaikum Wr Wbr

We will be collecting May Fees this week. Parents are also reminded that it is mandatory for them to report to us through CD online form if their child is affected by HFMD.

We have the following reminders which is also highlighted in the Academic Calendar. Please read these announcements carefully to ensure if your child's class is affected. If in doubt please call the Teacher incharge  Course coordinator.

1. Vesak Day 5th of May (Sat)-Madrasah Holiday, 6th of May (Sun) Classes as usual

Please note that  next Saturday is Public Holiday and there are no classes on that day. (Please refer to the Academic Calendar). However there will be classes on Sunday, 6th May as usuali.e. Kids aLIVE classes (3C3 and 4C3), Youth classes (13A3,13B4) will be as usual.

2. E-Learning for 8A2,8B2,8C2,10A3,10B4

This announcement applies only if your child is in 8A2, 8B2, 8C2, 10A3 or 10B4. There will be no classes for your child on 28th/29th April and 5th/6th May. They will have E-Learning and lessons will be posted on websites (given to child by the class teacher). The students from these classes also need not attend IQRA classes.

3. Return of Puff Amal Coupons

All students who have not handed in unsold coupons or coupons which have been sold but have not handed in the cash to their respective class teachers are required to do so by this weekend. All coupons have to be accounted for by 30 April. Kindly ensure that your child returns the coupon and the cash this Saturday/Sunday, whichever the days they have class. 

Your cooperation and support  is very much appreciated. Thank you very much

EMAK Management Team