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Important Madrasah Opening Announcements 29th / 30th Jun

posted Jun 27, 2013, 12:44 AM by dhakim emak   [ updated Jun 27, 2013, 2:25 AM ]

Dear Parents

Assalamu Alaikum Wr Wbr.

Kindly note the announcements below.(There will be another set of announcements next week. Please check the website next week)

1. Madrasah Starts 29th/30th June

Madrasah classes will resume this Sat 29th / 30th June. Kindly send your children as usual to the Madrasah.

We understand  that Parents are concerned about the Haze Situation. So far MOE has not issued any guidelines for schools to close. as of today. If there are any last minute changes we will email/SMS to you. If there are any changes in your handphone number or email address, please update us using the forms below.

For Hand Phone  Number change:

For Email address change:

Please also do not forget to check our website for any updates.

There are some parents who have changed their email address or have email boxes full. Please kindly rectify so that you do not miss any important updates by email. We have been sending few emails every month. If you have not received any of them please check your mailbox.

2. Porridge Sponsorship

Every year, one of the very special things that we do at EMAK is to collectively sponsor Ramadan porridge together as Parents as our Ramadan Contribution to our mosque. Parents can pledge the amounts that they wish to sponsor.

Please see under Ramadan Forms or click here for Sponsorship form and details.

3. Parent Teacher Conference (PTC) for class 3A1 and 3B2 on 29th Jun

Parents of 3A1 and 3B2 students please come PTC on 29th Jun. PTC for all other Kids aLIVE

and Tweens aLIVE classes will be held on 6th / 7th July. (Please see announcement next week.)

4. Kids aLIVE 3 Mini-fair  6th July 2012

Insha Allah we will be having a mini fair set up by  Kids aLIVE 3 class students (3A1 & 3B2). Money raised will be given to charity. Kindly support our little ones to raise funds.

Parents who would like to donate items for them to sell, kindly avoid these items:

a. Broken or unusable items

b. Old clothes

Contact Person/s details will be in the letter on K3 Mini Fair to be issued the students on 29 June.

5. Siblings Pre-registration

Parents who have not pre-registered siblings for 2013 classes, please do so by  7th July  2013. If you had not done so please pre-register at :

Insha Allah, there will be more announcements next week.
Please don’t forget to check next week.

Thank You