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Madrasah Closing Announcements Nov 2013

posted Nov 14, 2013, 7:19 PM by dhakim emak   [ updated Nov 14, 2013, 7:39 PM ]

Dear Parents

Assalamu Alaikum Wr Wbr

Alhamdulillah! We have come to the end of the year.

Muharram Mubarak to all.

Please take note of the following:

1. Madrasah Re-opens on 11th/12th January 2014

The Madrasah is now officially closed for the year and re-opens only on 11th/12th of January 2014.

2.  Book and Uniform Sale on 5th Jan 2014 (Sun)

Kindly check the website on 1st January 2014 and again on 4th January 2014 for any last minute updates for Book Sale and buy the books on 5th January 2013. (Please see side box for important dates). (Book list will be posted on the website on 1st January or 4th January).

Those students who are still wearing the old AlKhair (Purplish Grey) uniform please buy the new Blue uniforms from next year. Please buy the pants as a set. We have across some students wearing Jeans or Tights.  Please note that this is not allowed. Boys are required to wear white songkok. Not coloured ones. Girls are required to wear black scarves too.

3. Contact Details

Please update your email address and Handphone numbers if there are changes. As you know we send emails every time the website is updated.

3. Uncollected Confirmation Letters

Confirmation letters have been given to all students who have no outstanding fees and we have confirmed their places. Some students have paid all fees but not collected their letters because they were absent. Kindly email to Bro Dawood at  if you have paid up all fees up to Oct 2013 and have not received your Confirmation Letter.

Your child will need to bring this Letter on the first day of Madrasah on 11th/12th Jan 2014.

Thanks to all Parents who have paid their fees on time!

We wish you happy holidays!

Thank You