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Week of 23/24 July Parents Meeting, Kids aLIVE 3 Mini-Fair, PTC, Ramadan Porridge Sponsorship

posted Jul 22, 2011, 5:36 AM by dhakim emak   [ updated Jul 22, 2011, 7:27 PM ]
Dear Parents
Assalamu Alaikum

Apologies firstly to some parents who may have received SMS more than once this morning due to technical error.

Kids aLIVE 3 Mini-fair 23rd July 2011

Insha allah we will be having a mini fair set up by  Kids aLIVE 3 class students (3A1, 3B2, 3C3). Money
raised will be given to Orphanage. Kindly support our little ones to raise funds.

Assembly will be held on 2nd floor today.

Parents Meeting 23rd July and 24th July

The annual meeting of 17th July is will be held Insha Allah on 31st July. There will be 3 sessions:
Parents will need only need attend one of the sessions at their convenience.

Session 1:  Sat 23rd Jul, 2-3pm
Session 2:  Sat 23rd Jul, 5-6pm
Session 3 : Sun 24th Jul - 12noon to 1pm

Venue: Auditorium (3rd Floor)


1. Announcements
2. Plan 2011/2012
3. Tips for Parents on Raising Children in Islam
4. How to do Muhasabah (for Parents)

Parent Teacher Conference for Kids aLIVE and Tweens aLIVE

There will be PTC for parents of classes 1XX to 7XX tomorrow in the given time. Letters have been issued.
Classes will be as usual for all children.

Ramadan Porridge Sponsorship

a. Every year, one of the very special things that we do at EMAK is to collectively sponsor Ramadan
porridge as our Ramadan Contribution to our mosque. Parents can pledge the amounts that they
wish to sponsor.

b You can sponsor amounts from $25. We will combine these amounts to make payment for pots @ $200 each.
Receipts will be issued under your name.

c For those who sponsor more than $200, you can choose if you want to mention your name on the notice board
or collectively mentioned as "EMAK Parents".

d For those who wish to sponsor for a one whole day, it is $600 per day for weekdays. For weekends , Saturday or Sunday
it will be $1200. For those who are sponsoring for full day(s) ($600 or $1200), you could request for particular date (subject to availability)

e. Please arrange with Bro Thauheed (9455 6325) to make payment at the Reception from 2pm to 4pm on 23rd & 30th July.
    On Sundays pls contact Bro Hakim.

Please see under Ramadan Forms or click here for Sponsorship form.

Thank You