Bursary (Islamic Education Fund)

Bursary is available for needy students on an annual renewal basis.

Based on the outcome of means testing, eligible students may receive full subsidy for all fees, uniforms and books.

Please click link below to download Bursary (IEF) application form:

Islamic Education Fund form 2014 (Bursary)

Please note that in addition to MUIS requirements stated in the form, EMAK requires 80% attendance by student before
recommendation to MUIS.

New applicants should prepare copies of the following documents:

1. NRIC/BC of ALL children and other dependents
2. NRIC of BOTH parents
3. Marriage/Divorce Certificate
4. Latest Income Documents (Payslip, CPF Statements, Income Tax NOA) of all working family members.

Existing recipients only need to furnish item 4 at the beginning of each new calendar year.

Islamic Education Fund (Bursary) types from MUIS