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What is the Madrasah's Policy on Withdrawals, Discontinuation and Termination

posted Feb 11, 2015, 4:24 AM by dhakim emak   [ updated Feb 11, 2015, 8:52 PM ]

Withdrawals and Discontinuation

Please note that, withdrawals will take effect only from the following month after the withdrawals are submitted. (i.e. 1 months notice).

Existing students who withdraw will only be considered in Phase 3 of Admissions (i.e. for February intake) if they choose to return. 

As such, parents are requested to re-consider before withdrawing because normally there are very few places (if any) available in Phase 3.

Please also note that re-registration fees will be $50 instead of the usual $20.

Discontinuation will be treated the same way as withdrawals.


However, if the Madrasah terminates a student due to absenteeism (3 consecutive weeks without Leave Application), the student may not be allowed to rejoin. 

It is thus best to withdraw early, if you decide to stop your child from coming to EMAK, than to get your child terminated.

A note on Discontinuation for PSLE

We have had students who withdraw to study for PSLE and when they return, they found that they could not rejoin as classes are full and had to wait one or two years before re-joining. This is sad because they would have missed important lessons pertaining to sexuality in Islam and other essential guidance important for their teenage life. These lessons will not be repeated.

Therefore, Parents are strongly discouraged from withdrawing/discontinuing their children from EMAK if they intend to enroll the child back.