KIds aLIVE Term 1 Field Trips 2010

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Salaams Parents -
For those of you who have misplaced forms please find below this announcement under Attachments.
Please download and print for the appropriate class.

Kids aLIVE 1 parents - extra activity with your children

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Dear parents of class 1A1 & 1B2 -
if you are free bring your child down to Chu Kang Park near central. They have learnt about Yusof AS and him being in the well last week.
Like many urban children, they may not have seen a well at all. Well good news , there is one in Choa Chu Kang Park - Just bring down
your child down for a stroll and let you child tell you Yusof AS story just like what my son did this morning.
He took a photo himself and posted below.
- Bro Hakim
(Do sent us any anectodes yourself with your kids and we will publish here.)
Picture taken by D H Muhummad Ismaeel 1A1.

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